Volunteering at SAFH

Over 300 people will come through our doors on any given day during the week. We only have so many paid staff members to help meet demand.

We rely on volunteer assistance to keep our facility open.

Volunteer hours are generally 9:00am - 2:00pm, and lunch is provided. We are open during the week, Monday through Friday.

There is unfortunately no weekend, or "after-hours" volunteer opportunities. See below to find out how you can help.

How to Volunteer

If you're interested in volunteering or have a question, contact our Administrative Director, Alex Lawrence (TrinitySAFH@gmail.com) or by calling 212-228-5254 x10.

We'll be able to assist you in finding a day that works for you and let you know everything you need to have a great day of service.

See below for more information on what the volunteer experience at Trinity's SAFH looks like on an average day.

Volunteering as a Group

We are able to host all types of volunteers, including businesses and other corporate groups, schools, churches, youth groups, etc.)

The maximum size group for our facility is around 8-10 people. To book a group or if you have any questions, contact our Administrative Director, Alex (TrinitySAFH@gmail.com).

If you're interested in traveling to New York, Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Parish has a low cost Youth Hostel program for service trips to the City.

For more information on housing during your stay click here, or contact the church office at 212-228-5254 x 11

What Should I Expect when I Volunteer?

Volunteer hours are from 9am-2pm, Monday through Friday.

We ask volunteers to arrive promptly by 9am. You will assist with some light meal prep (cutting vegetables, bagging loose produce, etc.) and cleaning (wiping trays/tables, sweeping/mopping, etc.) You may be asked to help in our pantry cellar, assisting with deliveries or organization of stock.

All volunteers are welcome to eat lunch before we open our doors to our guests for lunch.

Food service starts at 11am, and ends at 12pm. After lunch, our dining room transitions into a food pantry, opening at 12:30pm for an hour (until 1:30pm.)

In the pantry, volunteers will help customers pick out groceries according to their family size. After 1:30pm, there is some light cleaning, with the day ending at 2pm.

What do I need to bring?

You don't need to bring anything with you. We provide aprons, hairnets, and gloves for all our volunteers. Wearing head coverings (hairnets, hats, etc.) is required by law, and will be strictly enforced. A baseball cap is an acceptable substitute for a hairnet and can be word in place of one.

What should I wear?

We ask that you please dress modestly and comfortably as you will be on your feet most of the day. Because of the health code, no open toed/open heeled sandals are allowed (i.e. no flip flops, etc.) You will be sent home. If you're questioning if a specific type of sandal is inappropriate, it most likely is.