Give locally, Give directly

For information on donating food, grocery bags, or other items. See below.

Food Insecurity is a massive problem. We all know that the reality of rising rents and wages that aren't keeping up leave many people left behind. We have faith that these problems in our country and elsewhere will be fixed and addressed.

But we also know they won't be fixed by lunch time tomorrow. 

We are here providing food to people who need it right now. For the person living on the sidewalk, for the asylum seeker between shelters, for the family who has too many bills, for the newly unemployed, we are here.

Reinvest your money back in your community with direct services like Trinity provides. Make a donation for your community today.

If you previously gave via Network for Good and want to manage your monthly recurring payments, follow this link HERE.

Do you accept food donations?

It depends. Generally, yes. We will never say no to food donations. One of our beliefs is that food should not go to waste. So if you have an abundance, we are so happy for you to share with us.

But if you're looking for a way to support us, and are considering going out and buying new food with the intent of donating it, we ask that you consider the spending power of a retail dollar vs. the spending power our dollar has with access to discounted and wholesale items.

The retail price of single can of tuna is $1.60 to $1.80, while we can buy it wholesale for $0.66 a can. 

The retail price of a single can of carrots averages $0.80 to $1.25, while we can buy it wholesale for around $0.49 a can.

This also doesn't account for the time and effort that goes into sorting and distributing the donated items.

One of the most impactful ways you can help a food pantry or soup kitchen is to donate money directly. We can stretch your donation with our network of suppliers in a way a regular consumer simply can not. Simply put... your money will literally go further and help more people when donated directly to us, than if you spend it at the grocery store, and then donate it.

We do accept designations with our donations, to specify that your gift must be spent on a particular request, like food. And if you don't feel comfortable making a monetary donation, we completely understand. We will never say no to a donation of food. We do not want anything to go to waste, and it will be put to good use.

Do you accept clothing donations?


We do not have the capacity, staff, or storage to manage donations of clothing. Graffiti Church on 7th Street between Ave B & Ave C has a clothing ministry, also the farmer's market on Tompkins Square Park has textile recycling. But please check in with them before bringing clothing items. 

All clothing left at our steps is disgarded.

We humbly ask, please do not dump any items at our door.