A message about Corona Virus

At Trinity's Services And Food for the Homeless we are already in the business of sanitation and cleanliness. We have always used and maintain a back stock of cleaners that address both food-borne and other human viruses and bacteria. As a food service business under strict health regulations, we are uniquely suited to already be prepared for situations like this in terms of hand washing practices and protective coverings.

Since what we know about the transmission is that it comes from close physical contact, the kinds of interactions that are had at Trinity's Services between staff/volunteers and our guests aren't generally what could be considered close physical contact. Hands are covered by gloves. No physical contact is made between guests and volunteers. All food is handled directly by the volunteers/staff, and given to the guests via to-go packaging. All surfaces are cleaned with an anti-viral/anti-bacterial cleaner after each use.

We offer all of our staff a very generous sick leave policy and don't let anyone work while sick. The risk of a staff member or volunteer exposing the virus to one of our guests is very low, as is the risk of being exposed by a guest.

We have been in close contact with both the City of New York Office of Emergency Management and City of New York Department of Health, in addition to Food Bank for New York City about best practices should the situation change.

We are here to feed the hungry.

Trinity's Services And Food for the Homeless (or SAFH, pronounced "safe") started out as a response to the homeless living in and around Tompkins Square Park about 30 years ago.

And while the neighborhood of the East Village has changed dramatically these past decades, the need in this community has not.

We are here to feed the hungry, and help all who come through our doors.


A place at the table.

We believe everyone has the right to have access to food.

We are programmatically connected to Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Parish, but separately incorporated with our own board and separate finances.

Our mission is four-fold:
  1. To provide a reliable source of food for those who are hungry
  2. To support good nutrition through our meals and with education
  3. To offer connections to other services
  4. To strengthen community through shared service

Through our daily soup kitchen and food pantry, we serve around 200,000 meals annually. Our referral center connects families and individuals to services throughout the five boroughs.

People of every background, race, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, religion, and of any age may enjoy the meal without fear of being turned away.

Fresh, healthy food.

Many of the families and individuals who come to soup kitchens and food pantries are already vulnerable to a lack of access to a balanced diet, whether because of food scarcity, or living in a food desert.

The food offered in our Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry is always a healthy mix of all of the basic food groups. We offer many fresh fruits and vegetables to our customers so that they have the same nutrition available to them that makes for healthy eating.

When possible, we also strive to provide food that is locally grown.

You can help people who need it now.

Hunger is a feeling that we all know to varying degrees.

But hunger is an ongoing problem in our communities, and is often ignored.

At Trinity's Services And Food for the Homeless, we are the first stop for people who need help. We provide food to hungry people who need it now. These hungry people come from all walks of life. The number of employed, and housed people who need regular food assistance is astounding.

We are listed as an "Emergency Food" site, but the problem isn't just an emergency, it's chronic.

You are being asked to respond to this by donating today. While we connect people to other services to help lift them out of their situation, we also address the most urgent need: access to food to ease hunger. You can't get out of a tough spot in life if you're not eating.

In uncertain times like these, we are all called to care for each other. Please donate today.